Final Editing

So it’s been awhile, I’ve been filming sporadically whilst doing a lot of school work. A good thing is that the rest of the film will only contain me, which is one reason why I chose to be in my own film. I have made enough films to know that friendship and interest are not enough to keep actors involved in making a film with you, especially if you can’t pay them. Food helps but also if they are getting a grade for that class that you’re in, they are more willing; this is a lesson I have continually been reminded of.

While filming with a camera you get into a sort of rhythm and find yourself going over a mental check-list: Is the camera white balanced? How are the audio levels? Is there and echo in here? Can you see the camera in any reflections? Can you see the boom mic? Are the actors set evenly in the shot? The 2/3 rule, etc. Every single take is like that and it gives you a lot of practice.

Editing has always been my favorite, I like to edit the clips with the music I’ve chosen because I feel it accentuates the feelings in the film. I’ve always prefer making montages because thats exactly the type of editing I like. To mix the beats of the music with the cuts of the film. This is something I plan on incorporating into my film.


So far things seem to be going well. After a chat online with my Professor who gave me some instruction and advice, I believe I can move forward with my new and improved plans.

Over the weekend I realized that the weather was going to be so bad that I wouldn’t be able to film outside like I had planned. Also the house that I had hoped to film at was no longer available so I decided that I would film the main scene at my house inside and change a BBQ scene into a slow, miserable cocktail party indoors. My parents helped me decorate the one room that I had chosen to film in and I arranged to pick up my actors and crew on school Campus and drive them to my place and back. As a sort of ruse for all the people helping I ordered pizza for lunch from Costco. There was also food that was used for the cocktail party shots that everyone seemed to dig right into.

Overall the day went incredibly well for that scene. Everyone seemed to have a good time even under the miserable weather conditions.




By now I have taken a few test shots to see how a camera would look at a certain time of day in the area I have chosen to film. Luckily it will be under donation through my best friend. Here’s to hoping everything goes well!


Feb. 24th Proposal and Treatment

I’ve only ever written short informal proposals before. In High School our film proposals consisted of a sheet of paper with a small diagram on it for us to write bullet point ideas on for the film we had thought up. It is obvious that the requirements of this proposal were extremely different. However, I find myself actually enjoying the writing. To me the proposal is a way to establish what my film is about through almost a narrative writing. I prefer narrative writing before script writing. I have never been good at script writing, my ideas of the shots and how they should look never seems to leave my mind and get on paper. But narrative writing I am more comfortable with for some reason.

This Proposal however has given me insight on what I wish to shoot and how I can do it.


For a majority of the film I will be working with animation via the program After Effects. I will create a character based off shapes and voice over narration. Since I know a few things about using After Effects it should be slightly easier. However I know that there is still so much to learn so I will be watching videos from different channels about using animation in After Effects hopefully they will give me some shortcuts while using the program.

I will be using voice overs for a majority of the film, and I have never been really good at using audio for film. Usually I always use the microphone from my camera or laptop for audio, I have taken it upon myself to look up a couple videos using audio tech for voice overs and for other microphones to be used for actual footage.

For one scene in the film I will be shooting a dinner scene outside so lighting will be one challenge I will face, so I looked up a tutorial that will help me with my lighting for nighttime. It gives me an Idea of what problems I might face and how to deal with it.

I am not really good at script writing. I have looked up a couple of pages on how to, I am also going to look to my peers to help with my writing process.


LOGLINE: As a young college girl has a strict belief about how films should look, but her opinion is challenged when she meets an aspiring filmmaker at her bosses party.

SYNOPSIS: A young college student begins her film on commentary about how she feels films should be made but as the film continues she discovers many flaws in her way of critiquing films until she is forced to look at herself in a different way.

The style I was inspired by was a neon light genre,  and the artist i gained inspiration from is Brian Hart who uses neon colors to create paintings.